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What to Keep Out of Your Hypnotherapy Practice

What to Keep Out of Your Hypnotherapy Practice

An important aspect of being a good therapist is being human. There is a balancing act with being professional and disclosing too much about the practitioner in question. I was looking around for something to write about today and there was an article about a hypnotherapist who was linked to his political views.

It is foolish to believe that professional therapists do not have either political or religious views as most will. Additionally, like ever other citizen a therapist has the right to hold views. The difficulty is that these views can conflict with the views of the client. Now this does not mean this makes the therapist wrong. However, the therapist is responsible for maintaining the therapeutic relationship.

Therefore, it is essential that our personal views, beliefs and attitudes have no part to play within the consulting room. These can cause all matter of therapeutic challenges including transference and counter transference. Practitioners need to be able to firewall their personal activities from their professional ones. A failure to do this can be detrimental for the therapist’s practice and even reputation. Therapists are there for the client and not the other way around, keep your personal out of your professional to maintain a successful and ethical therapy practice.

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