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What Not To Say

What Not To Say

For many people confrontingbmental health issues it can feel difficult when the “support” you are getting from those nearest and dearest consist of phrases like “Just push through and you will be fine”, “It’s all in your head”, and “things aren’t that bad”. These are some of the plethora of things that one should not say to anyone suffering with mental health issues. Of course, these come from a good place. People want their friend or family member to get well. However, this is definitely not the way to do it. Statements like these come from an ignorant place, people don’t really understand mental health so they just speak not knowing but still caring.

I get asked a lot from the families and partners of some of my clients what they can say or do to make things better. I will often say that there really is nothing to say, it’s kind of like bereavement you try to find the right words, but words are woefully inadequate in this situation. It is the same in mental health. In truth the best things you can say to a sufferer are things like “I’m here if you need me” and “If you want to talk I’ll listen” simple human compassion is the key to mental health.

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