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What is Social Anxiety

What is Social Anxiety

Socially anxious people typically experience uncomfortable emotional and physical distress when they: Social Anxiety disorder (also known as social phobia) is generally understood as extreme fear in the face (or anticipation) of social interaction.  While social anxiety disorder is poorly understood, researchers are beginning to focus on this disorder that is experienced by as many as 7 % of the population at any one time.  Social Anxiety is not mere shyness, but a medically recognized disorder that severely hampers the quality of life.  It is estimated that between 7 and 13% of people are affected by social anxiety disorder at some point,  making social anxiety the third largest mental health disorder as identified by the DSM-IV.  Simply put, Social Anxiety Disorder is understood as being the recurring avoidance and debilitating fear of social situations where one might possibly be negatively be judged by others. This can manifest itself when a person or people

  • are thrust into the centre of attention
  • are teased
  • introduced to strangers
  • have to speak or perform before an audience
  • are being watched while doing something physical
  • are talking with an “important” person
  • exchange eye contact
  • eat, drink, or speak in the presence of others
  • enter any unfamiliar social situation

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