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What is Personal Construct Psychology

What is Personal Construct Psychology

The Psychology of Personal Constructs was formulated and presented by Kelly in 1955 as a complete and formal statement.  The theory was written in abstract terms to avoid limitations of time and culture, but this outline aims to give a simple overview which can be followed by detailed reading if desired. Understanding this is very useful for most types of psychotherapist though it may not be implemented by all

Personal Construct Psychology is often included in books on Cognitive-Behavioural therapy as it is considered by some to be one of the earliest of those approaches.

Kelly considered man to be a scientist who construed his own version of the world, and who continually tested his views, developing and modifying his constructs.  In order to carry out therapy with a person it is necessary to work with his or her constructs rather than trying to impose that of the therapist.  By working with the patient to elicit the constructs, the patient can see how he/she construes the world and can decide how those views may not be accurate or useful and may be changed and the new constructs tested for validity.  This way of looking at things differently is known as ‘constructive alternativism’.

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