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What is Personal Construct Psychology Pt 4

What is Personal Construct Psychology Pt 4

Experience Corollary  A person’s construction system varies as he or she successively construes the replication of events.  If as a result of our system we predict certain events, and those events do not occur, then we must change our ways of construing to increase the accuracy of those predictions.

Modulation Corollary  The variation in a person’s construction system is limited by the permeability of the constructs within whose range of convenience the variants lie.  The ‘elements’ are things or people that the constructs refer to.  The construct ‘permeable’ v ‘impermeable. Refers to the degree to which a construct can assimilate new elements within its range of convenience (all those things that could possibly be taken into that construct), and generate new implications.  Thus the construct of fluorescent v incandescent can be applied to sources of light, but can rarely be extended to other elements, whereas good v bad can almost continually extend its range of convenience.

Fragmentation Corollary  A person may successfully employ a variety of construction sub-systems which are inferentially incompatible with each other.  For example, cows and pigs differ, but they come under animals.  Kissing and smacking a child may seem very different, but they are both under parental control perhaps.

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