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What is Personal Construct Psychology Pt 3

What is Personal Construct Psychology Pt 3

Individuality Corollary  Our construct systems are personal and unique, so no two people react identically to a given stimulus.  This is why some subjects react well to some therapies and therapists and not others.

Organisation Corollary Each person characteristically evolves, for his convenience in anticipating events, a construction system with relationships between constructs.  We have a hierarchical way of organising our constructs, for example, man.  Man is subsumed under people, who are in turn under mammals, animals, life etc.  This is useful as a form of shorthand.

Dichotomy Corollary A person’s construction system is made up of a finite number of dichotomous constructs.  This is the bipolar nature of the constructs.  Being ‘sad’ would just be mood if there is no concept of ‘happy’ to give a bipolar construct.

Choice Corollary  Persons choose for themselves that alternative, in a dichotomous construct, which they think will be more suitable.  So they attempt to move from confusion to understanding.

Range Corollary  A construct is convenient for the anticipation of a finite range of events only.  This points out the difference between a concept and a construct.  A construct can take account of context so ‘furniture’ while at home would not include office furniture, perhaps, while the concept of furniture would.

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