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What is Motivation?

What is motivation?

There are many theories of motivation, and I have utilised the ones that I believe are the most useful for my work as a Hypnotherapist and Hypno-Psychotherapistst in my book Motivational Hypnotism. Here I will highlight a few key ideas:

Motivation is about why we do things, what our incentives are, what drives us. We are motivated to act when that action fulfils a need, or moves us in the direction of fulfilling a need. Without this, there is little chance of action.

Let’s look at some specific examples of needs motivating action:

  • A woman who needs to be accepted may be motivated to do everything for everybody
  • A man who needs to be respected may be motivated to work long hours to earn enough to buy a nice car
  • A teenager who needs to feel they are one of the crowd may be motivated to smoke
  • A woman who needs to prove herself to her father may be motivated to get a PhD
  • A man who needs to feel better about himself may choose to bully his employees

Motivation is about:

  • Direction: towards the positive or away from the negative
  • Persistence: sticking to a task
  • Continuing motivation: long term motivation
  • Intensity: strength of the desire for change

All of these can be ascertained by the therapist, and maximised using hypnotic interventions.

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