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What is Discounting? Pt 2

What is Discounting? Pt 2

There are four behaviours which indicate that someone is discounting:

  • Doing nothing (the person will be experiencing themselves as not thinking)
  • Over adaptation (the person does what they believe will fulfil the wishes of others (from Child))
  • Agitation (the person engages in pointless activity rather than solving the problem)
  • Incapacitation or violence (eg development of psychosomatic issues for secondary gain, or mindless violence)

To detect discounts, look for verbal cues, eg:

  • I can’t…
  • I’ll try to…
  • Missing out part of a sentence. For example, a member of a therapy group says “I want a hug”, but the sentence doesn’t say who from

Non-verbal clues, eg:

  • Incongruity between words and behaviour
  • Laughing about something unpleasant

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