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What is Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic Fatigue

If chronic fatigue sets in after burnout the following symptoms may apply.

  • overwhelming fatigue
  • pains in the joints and muscles with no obvious cause
  • occasional bursts of energy, followed by exhaustion and joint/muscle pain
  • inability to concentrate
  • poor recall, eg words, sentence construction, etc
  • mood swings, including anger and depression
  • difficulty in learning new information
  • sense imbalances, eg in smell, taste and appetite
  • dislike of loud noises and bright lights
  • inability to control body temperature
  • sleep disturbance (eg sleeping by day and waking at night)
  • disturbance of balance
  • clumsiness, eg unable to grasp small objects, inability to separate sheets of paper

Who does stress belong to?

A question that we all ask, the sufferer will blame everybody else, mainly due to the stigma that is attached to stress and the fact that their misconception is that stress is in fact madness that you catch and can not shake off.  People blame their work, partners, financial situation or anything, as long as they do not blame themselves.

Stress begins with the individual and their inability to deal with a stressor that confronts them, sometimes they can not deal with it, but other times they need to be educated in how to deal with those things that come into their lives.  The idea is to show them how to deal with their stressor and that change begins with the individual once they accept that the stress lies with the individual, and that the only person who can change it is them.

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