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What is Autogenic Therapy Pt 2

What is Autogenic Therapy Pt 2


Assume one of the following positions according to circumstances:

  1. The Coachman Sit with your head hanging slightly forward, forearms and hands resting loosely on your thighs, your legs positioned comfortably, feet parted slightly outwards.
  1. The Easy Chair Sit comfortably in a lounge chair, your head resting against the back.  Arms and hands are on the chair arms or resting on your thighs, legs and feet comfortably positioned with feet turned slightly outward.
  1. Reclining Lie down on your back, your head slightly pillowed, your arms a little bent at the elbows, and rest your palms down beside your body.  Your legs are relaxed and not touching each other, feet slightly apart.


Imagine you are putting on a “relaxation mask”.  This mask smoothes out frowns and tension wrinkles.  All the muscles in your face relax, let go.  Your eyelids close and rest gently, with eyes aimed at the tip of your nose.  Your jaw hangs loosely, your mouth slightly open.  Your tongue touches the gumline of your upper teeth.  Start a gentle cycle of breathing with strain (belly breathing).  Breathe slowly, exhaling for twice as long as you inhale.  Spend 2-3 minutes on the warm-up, then move into the exercises.

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