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What is Atelophobia

What is Atelophobia

A psychopathy may be a condition within which a person’s traditional thinking, behaviours and responses to surroundings or bound circumstances area unit impaired. Among the anxiety disorders is Atelophobia. Etymologically speaking the word atelophobia consists of 2 greek words; the prefix Atelo(s) suggests that imperfect and therefore the suffix phobic neurosis suggests that concern. thus the word Atelophobia virtually suggests that they concern of being imperfect. folks that have this psychological conditioned area unit termed as Atelophobic.

Atelophobia is that the concern of not doing one thing right or the concern of not being adequate. Quite merely place it’s a concern of imperfectness. Persons affected by this disturbance is also usually depressed once their perceived expectations don’t match reality.

An atelophobic has the concern that no matter he’s doing is wrong in how. Even creating a decision, writing one thing, consumption or maybe talking before of others is tough for them as they’re afraid they’re creating some quite error in their task. This makes that person very self-conscious.

The person makes a goal, that he considers as good. sadly, that goal can’t be reached. This makes that person miserable and he loses a lot of self-assurance, strengthening his belief that he will never do something correct.

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