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What Does The Mind Look Like

What Does The Mind Look Like

Therapists and non therapists alike have for well over 100 years talked about the conscious and unconscious minds. There is little absolute agreement about the mind itself. This lack of agreement gives the mind a very personal feel, in that the mind it what an individual makes of it. In a broad sense this is very much like the soul, people don’t always agree on what it is, but most people have some sort of construct for it.

I came across a project on the BBC website today called “Portraits of the Mind”. This is a project where photographer Doma Dovgialo invited people who have sat for portraits with her to draw on these pictures what was in their inner most thoughts and how these thoughts relate to individual struggles with mental health and well being. The results were fascinating as to how these subjects represented their minds and thoughts. Some were, in my opinion quite bleak whilst others were full of colour and imagery.

I think the lesson here with regards to this project is the we who provide mental health assistance and support should possibly consider that one size treatment does not fit all and that when we use diagnostic terminology that these terms are only the slightest explanation for how our clients are truly feeling in themselves.

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