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What are the Theories of Motivation

What are the Theories of Motivation

There are many theories of motivation. Here I will highlight a few, and create a framework for understanding how these theories can be utilised in assisting clients to meet their objectives (whatever they are) with hypnotism.

I have the following specific objectives for this series of posts:

  • To define motivation and its subcomponents
  • To outline, briefly, historical trends in the study of human motivation, as well as principles for a general theory of motivation so that hypnotism practice can be based on solid ground
  • To discuss descriptive approaches to motivation and identification of barriers to success
  • To comment on other determinants, such as self-motivation and control

Change is rarely easy. If it is, then clients make the changes themselves without the need of a hypnotist. Therefore hypnotists only ever see clients who are struggling to make the change they desire. There are not only the obvious psychological factors that have an influence, but also social, environmental and biological influences. As we will see in the blog on Theories of Hypnotism, it is common to ignore these factors and presume that only the psychological, or emotional level is relevant. I will show how this model utilises motivational theories to enhance the chances of change, not only being made, but significantly, maintained.

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