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What Are Racket Feelings

What Are Racket Feelings

This is a familiar emotion, learned and encouraged in childhood, experienced in many different stress situations and maladaptive as an adult means of problem solving. Even the most well adapted person is likely to have these kind of feelings at least in some areas of their lives.

Lets take an example:

Imagine that you travelling by train to accompany a close friend to an industrial tribunal. You have arranged to meet your friend at a pub next door to the venue, but you have forgotten the name of the pub. Half an hour from arrival the train manager announces that, due to kids throwing stones on the line and damaging the train in front, your train is delayed indefinitely. You know you will not make tribunal and you have left your friend’s mobile number at home.  How do you feel?

Different people will feel different things, but it is likely that they would believe that what they feel is the “normal “ response. The feeling is likely to be one that is familiar (even if the situation isn’t!), one that was acceptable to have as a child, and one that is unhelpful  in dealing with the situation.

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