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Well Being and Psychotherapy

Well Being and Psychotherapy

There is a very big push at the moment towards the idea of well being and wellness. These can be defined as, according to the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. This should not be a revolutionary as it has become, but we as human beings tend to spend less and less time in looking at our happiness and health and well being. Recently, however, this is now on the increase and people are taking a more participatory role in looking after themselves when it comes to their minds and bodies.

This is where psychotherapy comes in. Now, psychotherapy, is not wellness or well being per se. There are forms of psychotherapy which do not look at these matters in their most specific forms. However, most forms of psychotherapy add either through accident or design to a persons well being and wellness.

We as psychotherapists should be able to look beyond the simple therapeutic paradigms and look at how psychotherapy can be relevant in a person’s day to day life, as well as how psychotherapy can impact the debate on wellness and well being nationally. We are a great resource to the public and we should be used as such.

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