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Weight control

Weight control

I find that when listing goals, a large number of my clients (particularly women) will include weight control as one of their aims. The priority that they give to it will vary, as will the amount by which they wish to reduce and the reasons why they wish to reduce.

Please note: the word “lose” should be avoided. Unconsciously this word is perceived as something to avoid. Throughout childhood the word is heard as a bad thing! (Don’t lose your dinner money!). Loss is also, of course, linked to bereavement and failure so it is no wonder that the unconscious avoids losing! Use the words control and reduce instead.

Many people have self-limiting beliefs around weight. For example:

All my family are big

Whatever I do I can’t lose weight (NB they WILL use the “L” word)

I’m addicted to chocolate

I have a slow metabolism

The crucial thing here is to get the client to a place of awareness that they can choose and take control. As a therapist I can help them to analyse what they eat, but am careful not to get into the realms of advising them on their diet too specifically as I am not qualified to do so.

It is also important to be aware that food problems can be much more than just bad eating habits and can be tied into issues that need to be worked on in therapy. Such problems range from comfort eating through to anorexia and bulimia.

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