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Be Wary of Easy Weight Loss Claims

Be Wary of Easy Weight Loss Claims

Well with the holiday season upon us, for many people they are getting ready for the parties that come up with the time of year. These parties are a chance to socialise and show off. This showing off usually involved a new outfit of some description. Where there are new outfits, weight loss is often not far behind.

It is a common fallacy that hypnosis makes weight loss easy, sometimes so easy that the client will not have to put in any effort to actually change. This is what I tell my students is the double edged sword of hypnosis. Yes, hypnosis can expedite the therapeutic process. However, it does not remove the responsibility that the client must take in order to change their relationship with food which is necessary for weight loss to be permanent.

The formula for weight loss is the same no matter what approcach you choose to take, calories in must be less that calories out. This is a universal truth and anyone who believes they can lose weight in any other way, is sadly incorrect. Practitioners often do not make this clear enough, and potential clients believe they will be hypnotised and that this simple act will cause weight loss as if by magic. Hypnosis can help you to lose weight but as they say you will have to pull your weight as well.

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