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You Want Hypnotherapy Make Sure You Get Hypnotherapy

You Want Hypnotherapy Make Sure You Get Hypnotherapy

The title of this article may seem an odd one, you are probably thinking, well of course, if I go for hypnotherapy I will get hypnotherapy. However, in my experience this is far more often not to be the case than you might think. I get clients who have come to me saying that they have experienced all manner of things in a hypnotherapy session, which one could not say is hypnotherapy.

Of course, all ethical therapists have been in the situation where they have opted not to do hypnotherapy with a client because of clinical mitigating factors. In other words, hypnotherapy would not be the appropriate course of action to help the client. I am referring to therapists who prefer to do what they want rather than what the client pays for.

The most common of these “techniques” are referred to “Energy Psychology” or “Tapping”. Now in the interests of disclosure, I have very little time for these approaches, as they have yet produce any genuine evidence that these approaches work, other than anecdotal bits of information. Whether I believe these techniques are useful or not is not the issue, the issue is that when a person goes to a hypnotherapist, it is not unreasonable to expect they will get it. Before consulting a hypnotherapist, please enquire that they will provide you with an appropriate hypnotherapeutic service.

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