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Utilising Parts Therapy in Hypno-Psychotherapy

Utilising Parts Therapy in Hypno-Psychotherapy

When we look at “Parts Therapy “it is first important to note that this is not therapy but rather a therapeutic technique. Whilst it is practised by those trained as well as not trained in psychotherapy, it is vital to recognise that this is a powerful technique and should be utilised only by those who have a legitimate training and understanding of the psychotherapeutic process.
The development of this technique can be traced to several persons:

Paul Federn was an Austrian-American psychologist who was a native of Vienna. Federn is largely remembered for his theories involving ego psychology and therapeutic treatment of psychosis.
After earning his doctorate in 1895, he was an assistant in general medicine under Hermann Nothnagel (18411905) in Vienna. It was Nothnagel who introduced Federn to the works of Sigmund Freud. Federn was deeply influenced by Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, and in 1904 became devoted to the field of psychoanalysis. Along with Alfred Adler and Wilhelm Stekel, Federn was an early, important follower of Freud. In 1924 he became an official representative of Freud, as well as vice president of the Vienna Society. In 1938 Federn emigrated to the United States and settled in New York City, however it wouldn’t be until 1946 that he would be officially recognized as a training analyst at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. In 1950, Paul Federn committed suicide following a recurrence of what he believed was incurable cancer.

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