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Utilising Parts Therapy in Hypno-Psychotherapy Pt 6

Utilising Parts Therapy in Hypno-Psychotherapy Pt 6

1) The motivating desire must be strong. (p 43)
2) Be positive. (p 44)
3) Always use the present tense. When you use your imagination you are in direct contact with the subconscious, and that is what you are trying to influence. Your self image has a great deal to do with your success or failure in life. If you want to be s success, visualize yourself a success… Imagine what you are suggesting is true, not some time in the future, but now! This is the only kind of communication your subconscious mind will understand and act upon. (p 45-46)
4) Set a time limit. Set a realist time limit, and you will find the goal is usually reached well before the time you set! (p 46)
5) Suggest action, not ability to act. Don’t say, I have the ability to dance well.” but rather “I dance well, with ease and grace.” (p 46)
6) Be specific. Don’t suggest a number of things at once. You may alternate suggestions at different selfhypnotic sessions, but never work on more than two or three at once, and never never more than one during a suggestion. (can use self-confidence with other suggestions)
7) Keep your language simple.
8) Exaggerate and emotionalize.
9) Use repetition. (p 47)
Plato said, “We become what we contemplate.” Christ (Not Christ, but writer of Proverbs) “As a man thinketh so is he.” Your subconscious mind understands pictures better than words. Imagine it will happen, hypnotize yourself and tell your subconscious to make it happen, believe it will happen and it will. (p 121)


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