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Use of Logos in Hypnotherapy

Use of Logos in Hypnotherapy

It’s Sunday, and sadly, I find myself writing about a subject that really bothers me and should bother the profession. Some hypnotherapists are using logos from the NHS, Department of Health and various Private Medical Insurance companies like BUPA when they have absolutely no business in doing so. It is flagrant misrepresentation and should be confronted by the profession.

Are there hypnotherapists who work within the NHS, yes there are, but only a handful. I would suggest that they would have the right to make reference to this in their marketing and use the NHS logo if authorised to do so. Having an NHS number does not give people that right. The NHS number is really just a mechanism to pay for hypnotherapy services by a health trust. It is not an endorsement in any way.

The Department of Health does not recognise practitioners, so when practitioners use their logo as an implication of accreditation or recognition is just wrong. Finally, BUPA, does not recognise hypnotherapists, they do however recognise Psychotherapists and Counsellors who are UKCP and BACP Accredited. So again, if this is not the case using the BUPA logo is deceptive.

Look, I know people need to make a living but if they cannot do so in an honourable way, then it hurts us all. Professional Associations are meant to be regulators, but almost without exception the professional bodies in hypnotherapy seem to be unenthusiastic about doing anything about regulating bad practice in marketing. It is time for them to do so, or they will lose the faith of ethical practitioners who want the profession to be a level playing field.

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