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Is Upselling The Key To Obesity

Is Upselling The Key To Obesity

I was reading an article today which has brought to light something that I think really most of us were aware of, if only through implication companies are selling us more food than before. By this I mean, people are being sold and served larger portions than before. This includes bigger, sweeter coffees, extra side dishes and of course, larger portions in general. I think most of us can see that portion sizes are trending towards American rather than European eating habits.

Americans, however, are used to this and take precautions like people taking home food from restaurants rather than trying to finish them whilst still at the establishment. One has to ask though, “Are consumers being tricked, or are they colluding with companies?” In my experience working with people with eating issues, I think it is a little from column A and a little from column B.

Yes, there are deceptive advertising practices which give people a false sense that they are being healthy when they are not being. Low sugar and low fat are terms which do not always mean what they say and there are people who have been caught out. However, there is also a different attitude people are engaged in. This attitude is more is best, they want the larger portion in order that they feel satisfied and companies are giving the people what they want as opposed to what people need.

Obesity is complex and there is no one silver bullet in understanding it. We must take a global view that exercise, diet, education and good mental health are the cornerstones in the fight against obesity.

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