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Unhealthy Ego-Boundary

Unhealthy Ego-Boundary

a) overly permeable. Such a person may appear to be compliant, too eager to please, easily influenced. He or she would not have a strong sense of themselves, and often lose that sense altogether in a close relationship.

b) too rigid and impenetrable. Such a person may appear inflexible. He or she might not relate well to others, indeed may find it impossible to enjoy a close, intimate relationship with someone.  There is no space to grow and develop as a person.

We need to remember that thoughts and feelings actually generate energy. Energy is real. You may not necessarily be able to see it or smell it, but it exists nevertheless.

So, if we decide that we want something, energy is produced to help us obtain that something; and that energy needs to be expressed, out from the body and on to the environment in some way (just speaking is one way!), otherwise, the energy stays trapped inside the body.

  1. Sensation dryness in the mouth
  1. Awareness realising one is thirsty
  1. Mobilisation deciding to have a drink and going towards it
  1. Action actually getting the drink
  1. Final contact drinking (the organism is in contact with the environment)
  1. Satisfaction thirst is quenched
  1. Withdrawal – a kind of limbo, state of homeostasis or  balance, before another need emerges

The clockwise journey around the Cycle of Awareness  represents a healthy flow of energy, generated in the organism and finally expressed out on to the environment.

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