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Uncertainty and Mental Health

Uncertainty and Mental Health

You can feel it pretty much anywhere you go at the moment. It is the constant subject on the news and between most people. We are living in unprecedented uncertain times. Now, there is always a degree on uncertainty in life, but at the moment, there seems to be very little certainty. Whether it be Brexit or the economy or Donald Trump, there seems to be little we can hold on to as being certain.

This might explain why we are so interested in the recent royal birth. Birth is one of the certainties in life and it is something we can all understand and can get behind in one way or another. A lack of certainty is not good for our mental health. We need to be able to “believe” in some certainties. I am seeing more and more clients who are really suffering regarding not knowing what the future holds. Obviously, the future is always uncertain, but when we have our certainties, we tend not to focus on uncertainties.

I do my best to help clients to find new certainties that they can hang their hats on in order for them to be able to feel more mentally stable. Indeed, if we have certainties, we have balance and balance is the key to mental health.

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