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UKCP Members Forum

UKCP Members Forum

I find myself today down in the “Smoke” or London as it is mor commonly known to attend the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy’s Members Forum. These meetings are held to discuss consultation documents regarding the progression of the profession as a whole and UKCP specifically. It is an opportunity for the membership to voice its views and have these reported back to the Board of Trustees.

Obviously these are very important considerations to make, however, I am also here to have my Honorary Fellowship of UKCP presented. This is a great honour for me. Frankly, it is the greatest honour I have ever been bestowed in my over 30 year career. I have truly loved my work and even when the politics of the profession got me down, it was and is never boring. Psychotherapy has a greater and greater role to play not only in mental health provision, but also as a sociological movement.

Good heath is a human right and mental health is an imperative to the cohesion of the society in which we live. Psychotherapists have an active part to play in this cohesion. I very much look forward to taking a continuing active role in the way forward for the profession.

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