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UK Wellbeing On The Rise

UK Wellbeing On The Rise

In an article on the BBC website, the general rate of wellbeing in the UK has achieved “a small but significant” increase in people’s feelings of wellbeing. This includes a rise in happiness (in England only the rest of the country has remained level), a slight rise in anxiety, but not significant and Northern Ireland continues to be the place with the highest levels of wellbeing. The unfortunately part of this article for me is that it is linked with the Brexit vote.

Whilst, of course, it may well show that people are not as unhappy or anxious as the media may wish to portray it, the sample of people was only around 100,000 a significant sampling, but by no means representative of the majority of the country. It is positive that well being is on the rise, but I would say that it is despite what is happening in the world. Perhaps these figures are an indicator that we are thinking more of ourselves as individuals rather than as a society. After all, it is a possible hypothesis  to say that if people do not feel that Brexit affects them personally, why should they let it affect their wellbeing or happiness.

In any event, the good news is that wellbeing is on the rise, but let’s not assume that people are not anxious about the future with the various considerations occurring in the world today.

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