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Types of Depression

Types of Depression

Outside depression
This is sometimes called exogenous, reactive or neurotic depression. This is reacting to life circumstances with depression. When the change in the person’s life is sad for example, bereavement, divorce, loss of employment, etc it is easy to see why there would be an alteration in mood. Sometimes, however, people can become depressed about minor life changes which would not affect other people.
There can be many reasons for this. They can have a “backlog” of events which have not been dealt with. This can sometimes be referred to as cumulative depression, or what has been referred to as PDSD, prolonged duress stress disorder. They may not have had time to get over one blow, however small, before the next one landed. Or they may habitually react with depression because they were taught to react in this way. In the same way that you can teach a child to be anxious, you can also teach it to be depressed.

Inside Depression
This is also called endogenous, clinical or coming from within. Some professionals say this type of depression is caused by a fault in the body chemistry and the reason for this is unknown. But things do not go wrong in the body or mind without a reason. There may not be an obvious reason in the present life circumstances, What has he got to be depressed about? He has a wife, family, nice house, big car and money but who says that all those things make a person happy in their life. Sometimes an event in the past may still be lurking around and haunting the present.

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