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More Trouble With Schools and Mental Health

More Trouble With Schools and Mental Health

A recent survey done by the charity Place 2 Be has shown that 45% of 655 school leaders say that they have difficulty in accessing appropriate mental health services for their students. This sadly is no surprise as report after report, study after study continue to show that we are not doing a very good job with dealing with mental health issues for our children.

As an adult psychotherapist, I have a great interest in children’s mental health. The reason of course is that when we take care of children’s mental health this has a positive effect on adult mental health. So often my clients would have benefited by early intervention when they were young. It would have made things far easier for them to deal with in their adulthood and could very easily made their lives significantly better on all levels.

The Department of Education and Health must focus far more on mental health and well being of our children. Failure to do so, I believe to be a huge dereliction of duty and whether Conservative or Labour, a stain on our government. Governments are meant to protect those who cannot protect themselves and who will look after the mental health needs of our young if the government seems not to care.

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