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Treatment Schedules

Treatment Schedules

There is no, single, agreed approach to how a therapist establishes his or her treatment schedule. What follows, therefore, is by way of recommendation, based upon clinical experience. Given the importance placed upon the Consultation by the National College, this aspect of our work is reconsidered at some length but non-dogmatically. In the following posts a technique is described whereby the source of a presenting problem located in the past may be determined via the Ideo-motor Signalling Technique.

(The Consultation and Creation of the Therapeutic Alliance) The number of interviews that are conducted in one year by specialists in their various fields has been estimated as running into hundreds of millions if not billions (Matarazzo 1965). What would be a reasonable estimate many years subsequent to that date? Such staggering figures indicate the importance attached to the interview.

Over the following three posts I will give three examples of the psychotherapeutic interview and the personality theories associated with them.

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