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Treating Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Hypnotherapy

Treating Anxiety and Panic Attacks with Hypnotherapy

How can this help? Anxiety is natural, normal & necessary: but is yours just too much?

What are the potential benefits?
hypnosis is a pleasant, relaxing experience which can help you to develop better relaxation skills to benefit you in every area of your life
your therapist can guide you towards the goals that you desire
with hypnosis, you can gain control over your responses
you can be confident in your therapist’s experience and commitment to you I have been helping people like you since 1989
hypnotherapy works to reduce the frequency of the feelings, reduce their intensity and to help you to cope better with them
your therapist will work with you to increase your confidence and self-esteem

In the first instance, hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and panic attacks as your therapist I can help you gain a really good understanding of what is happening to you. This, along with feeling understood by the therapist can help you make progress.

Then, I will employ one or more of a wide range of hypnotherapeutic techniques which can help you to experience less anxiety and fewer panic attacks, and to cope significantly better when the feelings do occur.

The process of relieving the fear of having the feelings is often the key to significant change. Once you feel more confident in your ability to cope, and less anxious about being anxious, you will just get better and better!

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