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A Topless Hypnotherapist….Good Grief

A Topless Hypnotherapist….Good Grief

One of the things I appreciate about teaching new therapists is that I often get an education as well. One of my students, brought to my attention that he found a website where the hypnotherapist in question was using a topless picture of himself on his website. Now, I have never thought I would see the day where a “professional practitioner” using such a picture to promote his professional services. Now in fairness he is now only using this photo as his twitter photo, but of course this is linked to his professional profile.

Believe me, I am a great believer in people being confident and having a good opinion of themselves and their bodies. However, should professionals be posing topless whilst promoting therapeutic services? I think no. Indeed, I think it is very questionable that this should ever be done. Ok, I am sure that there was no harm intended by this, but let’s look at this from the client’s perspective. Seeing a topless therapist could make a client feel inadequate about their own bodies. There are also boundary issues here. Therapists have a responsibility to keep a professional distance from their clients, I cannot see how being topless accomplishes this in any way shape or form. Remember this is the exception rather than the rule, but I am disappointed that there is even an exception to this particular rule. Sigh.

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