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Time to Review Hypnotherapy Training Standards

Time to Review Hypnotherapy Training Standards

I have spent all of my adult life trying to help the hypnotherapy profession to grow and flourish. My Masters Degree thesis was on the subject of hypnotherapy training. Having been training hypnotherapists since 1993 I have been involved with every major hypnotherapy training initiative including co-authoring two versions of the National Occupational Standards for hypnotherapy. So, when I say the time has come to revisit training standards I speak with some authority.

The training hours for practitioners have not changed in more than two decades, and frankly the training that is offered in those hours are often woefully inadequate for the conditions that these practitioners want to and do work with. There needs to be a serous amount of study in not only trancework, but also mental health identification and psychopathology. A core grounding in one of the Psychotherapeutic schools of thought would also be a huge benefit.

The time has come to increase the training time and quality for hypnotherapists. 250 face to face hours with 750 self directed study would address this. I know it won’t be popular, but it is the only way forward in reality for the profession. It’s time for our trainers to lead rather than just profit.

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