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It Is Time For Full Disclosure For Hypnotherapists

It Is Time For Full Disclosure For Hypnotherapists

I have been debating whether or not to write this piece for a few weeks. The reason which is behind me writing it is the proliferation of hypnotherapists offering therapeutic services which they are certainly not qualified to offer on the basis of their hypnotherapy training. I am sure that the majority of people who do this do so because they genuinely want to help people. However, this “help” could be stopping people from getting the qualified help that they need.

Clients are not often asking these practitioners the right questions in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not the therapist they are consulting is appropriately qualified to provide what they are seeking. I believe that the only solution to this problem, and make no mistake it is a problem, is that professional bodies insist on full disclosure in practitioner’s advertising, including providing the qualifications that they earned, both professional and academic. An essential component to this is requiring practitioners to not only say what their qualifications are, but where they come from. This gives the public the necessary information, should they so wish, to investigate what services a practitioner is appropriately qualified to offer.

I know there will be some out there who think I am being alarmist, but when I see people offering treatment for conditions as serious as eating disorders or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with only a qualification in hypnotherapy, I get concerned for the public good.

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