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It’s Time to Cool Off

It’s Time to Cool Off

Well I travelled back from Greece yesterday and discovered to my shock that I was actually returning to a hotter climate than the one I left. For us in Britain that is almost unheard of. In addition to the heat, my train was delayed coming back from London by an hour which was a frustration to say the least. As I returned, “up North” a thought had occurred to me, the weather is a perfect metaphor for the way the country is feeling at the moment.

So many of our fellow citizens are hot under the collar, angry and frankly hacked off. Be that the general election, Brexit, or the recent terrorist atrocities, we as a people are far too hot at the moment. It is time for cooler heads to prevail and to calm down. As we know, hot weather can bring the worst out of people so as a psychotherapist, I am asking those of you who read my daily musings to take a step back. Rationalise how you are feeling, and to cool off. Be that physically or emotionally we all need to take a breath and relax. As tense and hot as things are, things always cool down and normality returns. How long that will take, is anyone’s guess, but we must cool it or like the weather things will become unbearable for us.

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