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Thriving under pressure

Thriving under pressure

We all have to face pressure, it can be good in moderation, but it is when you are unable cope problems start. We are only sure one thing, change. It is the change in our normal routine that causes stress. With stress management you can begin to cope with stress and reach you full potential.

Two men Shafer and Gard formulated a process to help cope with the pressure of everyday life. It is the 10 C’™s for coping.

The Ten C’s Explained
1. Conditioning- refers to regular exercise, good nutrition and sleeping habits and relaxation.

2. Caring- includes participating in supportive, caring relationships with family, friends and co-workers. This implies both giving and receiving.When these two basic components are in place it is highly likely that the following four C’s which make up the hardy, resilient factor in coping with stress, will be able to function.

3. Challenge is the ability to interpret difficulty and change as a positive challenge or opportunity

4. Confidence-is the belief in your ability to master whatever difficulties and challenges come along.

5. Commitment- is positive involvement in your activities and a strong belief in your ideas- the prospect of giving it ˜you’re best shot.

6. Control- is the belief in your ability to influence events and your reactions to them. The pressure of these four core components-accepting the challenge, having the confidence, going for the commitment and being in control-sets the scene for a thriving perspective and your ability to cope is set into gear.

7. Coping- is your ability to respond constructively to challenging events and your own temporary stress. When you cope constructively the other aspects follow. This doesn’t happen overnight, but is the result of long term personal growth and development. Change and adversity are then seen as a challenge in the flow of life experiences and although you may find them difficult you will not be overwhelmed.

8. Calmness- is your ability to maintain a moderate level of physical and emotional equilibrium in the face of difficulty.

9. Creativity- refers to the ability to generate innovative and specific solutions to difficulties and dilemmas.

10. Competence- is your ability to effectively handle the demands made of you by the task or situation.

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