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There is no Shame in Going to Therapy

There is no Shame in Going to Therapy

I am finding more and more that a larger cross section of the population attending therapy. This is very encouraging to me. Indeed, there are more and more men attending therapy which is a very good thing. For many years, some men have considered attending therapy as something to be ashamed of. This is indicative of what boys are often trained to be like. I mean of course things like “big boys don’t cry”, and to “man up”.

The idea of therapy is alien to many men, as it is not something that is discussed either in their youth or as they get older. This is not only regarding mental health. Men are often told to work through physical pain and not to take time out which is seen as an indication of a person’s manliness. Though there is a shift in this in what we refer commonly to “new man”. New man is someone who is in touch with their feelings and is aware of his “feminine side”. This shift needs to be greater than this.

To all men, please know that therapy is here to help you. There is no shame in going to therapy and you may find that therapy can be the best decision of your life.

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