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Therapy for Civil Servants

Therapy for Civil Servants

I was reading my usual news this morning and learned that “The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) spent £40,000 on counselling services in London, York and Bristol.” This is related to Brexit and “emergency preparedness in case of a no deal scenario”.

I know that there is much criticism of politicians, civil servants and well everyone when it comes to Brexit. But I would like you to give pause to the notion that the way this is playing out, is a reflection on us. We are divided, we are passionate, we are angry, we are confused and we are scared. Is it any wonder that those responsible for implementing “the will of the people” are experiencing the same emotions?

I think it is laudable that the government is ensuring that civil servants who are struggling are able to get the help they need to cope with the pressure of Brexit. After all whatever else we may be, we are meant to be a compassionate and humane society. This should and is being reflected in the decision to offer this service to our Civil Service. Perhaps, this might give us a moment to consider what the Brexit is doing to us a a society and how we can start to work on healing our collective wounds.

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