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Why Does My Therapist Need Therapy

Why Does My Therapist Need Therapy

This might seem an interesting question to many. It is something that clients and potential clients have asked me for many years. When a psychotherapist goes in to training, they sign up to having regular therapy sessions. Depending on the modality that one is trained in depends on the number of therapy hours that are required for the course. This therapeutic contract and connection is maintained well into their clinical career.

Therapists are not super humans, they are men and women who are doing what can often be a difficult and stressful job. It should not be a surprise that many therapists, including myself, prevail upon the services of our fellow therapists. After all, if therapists cannot see the value of therapy, how can ordinary members of the public see the value of it.

Therapists should have the awareness to know when they need the assistance of a colleague. I have heard some people criticise therapists in therapy saying things like “well if they are screwed up they are no better than me”. I think it is very sad that people still think that to have therapy means you are screwed up, therapy is for people who want to improve their lives assisting them through a professional relationship with a therapist.

Perhaps when consulting a therapist for the first time, you might ask the potential therapist their views on therapists having therapy.

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