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The Rock and Depression

The Rock and Depression

I read recently an interview conducted with Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”. He discusses his battle with depression and his family history with mental health issues. I have written on other occasions about celebrities who break their silence about mental health issues and how important this is in normalising mental health discussions. The Rock is particularly apt when we look at how men tend to deal with and discuss their issues regarding mental health. Indeed, there is still a stigma for many men who suffer in silence because it is not the “manly thing to do” by talking about it.

These outdated ideas of what is masculinity must be challenged, we have a generation of young men suffering the ill effects of mental health disorders and it must be a priority to help them to be able to talk about this and identify themselves so that they can get the help that they need and deserve. The heroes of my youth never really talked about these things, and I suppose they were products of their generation. However, young men of today, if the Rock can admit that he has had struggles with depression and mental health issues surely it is not unmanly for you to get help and talk to someone today. No one will ever think the less of you. Asking for help is a sign of bravery not weakness.

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