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The Power of Rage

The Power of Rage

I was speaking to a client recently who was discussing his entanglement with rage. He described rage as his default position. What I mean by that is that the first emotional state he is likely to experience is rage. He also said that rage helped him to get focus.

He described how in a recent relationship break up, he brimmed with rage about how things ended and the things said by his partner. However, once he raged he was able to see a way forward which was not obvious before his episode.

I admit to never having heard rage used in this way before. Almost as an emotional cleansing which allows reason to exist. The difficulty for him was that the process left him exhausted and at one point physically sick. As with all emotions, there is a positive and negative charge to them. I wondered what it was about rage which gave this client the ability to focus.

We are emotional creatures who very often have to deny their innate feelings especially those which one would consider to be dark. By facing these feelings and even experiencing them, we have a unique opportunity to not only come to peace with them, but also to use them as a force for good.

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