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The Power of Music

The Power of Music

One of the things that gets asked of me in the training courses I run is why do I use music with my hypnotic sessions. Generally speaking I use it because it aids in the induction of the trance state. However, there are broader reasons for the use of music. Most people have an affinity with music we all have certain types of songs that elicit an emotional response.

Very often I ask clients to use music as part of their therapeutic homework. Using music to anchor certain states is a very helpful way to associate with certain positive emotions which are useful in certain circumstances. For example, when I am meant to do a conference presentation I will use a certain piece of music in order to motivate me and keep my energy level at the optimum level to give an educational and entertaining presentation.

I have know clients to use music in the same way or as a means of avoiding feeling negative feelings like unnecessary fear and sadness. The use of music for trance is certainly not a new concept, tribes in North and South America use the rhythm of drums to evoke a trance state so it should be no surprise that Mozart of Led Zeppelin would do the same for us.

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