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The Power of Movement

The Power of Movement

A tradition at the International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference is the grand dinner and disco which follows. Over the years, I have noticed the energy that the delegates, all professional therapists, put into the disco itself. Therapists big and small are on the dance floor for 4 hours of dancing like it was 1977 (the year the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy was founded).

What struck me last night is that over the years, most therapists, myself included, have worked with people who were having issues regarding their weight. As we all know, that in order to lose weight, one must burn off more calories than one injests.

When clients are told this, many balk against the idea of exercise. They are either too busy or they do not like the idea of exercise or going to the gym. I thought last night, one of the things that we as a society do not do very often any more is go out and dance. Back in the day there were dancehalls and Friday and Saturday nights were about getting all dressed up and going out for a dance.

I think I will be suggesting to my clients in future when it comes to movement, dancing is not only good for the body, but the joy one feels when listening to their favourite music and moving to the beat, cannot be overestimated. So get out their and shake your booty.

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