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The Power of Hate

The Power of Hate

I write today’s post from the United Stats where I have been teaching for the last week. I have been in and out of the US for years and there are things I very much like about the US and things I do not. However, I have witnessed on this trip something I never thought to see in any civilised society. That is the rise of hate.

America’s founding principles was on being inclusive and welcoming to all as this is a nation of immigrants one would imagine that imagrants would be more welcome.  They are not. This is a land where free speech is a bedrock, yet there is a rise of white supremacy as seen in Charlotte. This from the same nation that fought Nazism during the Second World War. Free speech is great, but there must be responsibility with it.

The people in this land are more polarised than ever. There is anger, hate and fear on the surface of many conversations, news broadcasts, and speeches. As one who is concerned about mental health, I find myself wondering if the US can collectively get healthy again after all the things that have been said and done over the past several months. What price to the combined mental health of the country is to be paid?

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