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The Path To Happiness

The Path To Happiness

Week in and week out I get many people coming to my office because something is just not right in their lives, but they cannot quite put their finger on what it is. For some this may present itself as a confidence issue, for others some mild form of anxiety or dread. What it boils down to for many people is a lack of happiness in their lives.

Happiness is a big deal, just look at the television or on line and there are a plethora of people telling you that they have the secret to making you happy. Look around, don’t all your friends seem happier than you? This perception that happiness is outside of the self leads to negative feelings generated toward yourself or the outside world.

Even the US Presidental campaign gives a implication that those who are part of the establishment enjoy happiness more than those who consider themselves outsiders. Much of our concepts about happiness are illusions. Happiness in the main is a destination that most people will aspire to reach and may even do so for a period of time, but somehow never seem to hold on to. Much of life is a journey and happiness is no exception, whilst people may not achieve it every day, the important thing is that people continue to strive for it and so long as they do, a person can be considered happy. So enjoy the happiness journey, it will lead to many things that make life worth living.

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