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The Over Importance of Looks in Our Culture

The Over Importance of Looks in Our Culture

I warn readers in advance that this article might make you a little agitated. I cannot help but notice that news outlets and journalists seem far more interested in a story if there is an attractive person attached to it. Sadly, we learned again over the weekend that knife crime in our country has become a far greater problem than many would perhaps have liked to admit. It is a tragedy that some of our youth are simply killing each other. Both of this week’s victims were photogenic young people. I wonder do we feel worse about a crime if the victims are young and attractive.

Even articles about the profession seem to focus on younger more attractive practitioners. Be damed what experience and qualifications they have, if they are pretty, they sell magazines or drive traffic to websites etc. We as a society need to face up to our prejudices be they racial, religious or even attractive prejudice. A crime is no better or worse if the person is attractive, a crime is a crime. Beauty does not make someone an expert in the therapeutic arts. We as a society need to realise we need to be less shallow and accept that crimes are terrible no matter who they effect and that expertise comes in all shapes, sizes and looks. If we don’t we lose the moral authority to complain about how attractive people seem to get all the breaks in life.

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