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The Need for Your Opinion

The Need for Your Opinion

One cannot help but notice that with the proliferation of social media, the growth of uninformed opinion has grown. This is in both the personal and professional arenas. Because people have a platform that did not exist twenty years ago the temptation is to use it to vent views that would often be better left in a person’s own head rather than expressed for the world to see.

This need to share opinions, informed or not, develop a potential issue with regards to narcissism. I think X or I believe Y and if you don’t share my views you are a fool, or a traitor or are part of the establishment, may seem harmless and at times a bit comedic. I assure you to the vulnerable they are not. I am not only speaking about the vulnerable person reading these views, I am talking about the vulnerable people making them.

Social media is great so long as you are in agreement. When agreement is lost, then bullying can occur which can lead to major mental distress. Even if that distress is masked by vibrato. Remember, if you choose to voice an opinion, informed or otherwise, it is just that an opinion and others have the right to disagree. There is no need to make it personal, it is only the internet.

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