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The Need for Joined Up Thinking in Mental Health

The Need for Joined Up Thinking in Mental Health

I am sure that many people have heard the news that the use of antidepressants in children has been on the rise again. Whilst of course there is a need for antidepressants in cases of moderate and severe depression, the major concern is that antidepressants are being prescribed to young people who are suffering from mild depression and anxiety. A rise of 54% could be considered eye watering and completely un-necessary as the usefulness of non chemical psychological therapies is an established fact.

I mention the idea of joined up thinking in mental health, my concern as an individual, adult psychotherapist is that this will spill over into their adult mental health. Once a person becomes an adult, they are in a far greater position to make choices as to their treatment. Very often, these clients become frustrated as they would have preferred to have “talking therapy” rather than “chemical therapy”.

The excuse for the lack of use of psychological therapies is that there is a shortage of qualified practitioners. This is a falsehood, the problem is the Department of Health, seems unwilling to engage with the professional bodies within the profession to create a joined up strategy to make mental health as important in terms of public health as physical health.

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