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The Need for Hope in Mental Health

The Need for Hope in Mental Health

Hope is an intangible commodity. We often discuss it as if it were something that we could put our hands on, something that we can see or experience in a sensory way. Hope is more than that. Hope is an idea. Hope is something that gives us the strength to move forward even when we feel as though there is no hope. Hope is something to believe in, either for ourselves or others. I argue that without hope we decline in a mental health perspective.

For many in England the hope that the England Team will not only reach the finals of the World Cup, but actually win it is giving hope. Now, whether you are a fan of football or not, one can certainly appreciate that for many fans this is a situation long time coming. This fandom can give a great deal to those who have it. Indeed, it helps to add to a person’s identity. Identity is at the core of who we all are. The better or stronger the identity is, the healthier the person is more likely to be.

For many people the need to have something to be hopeful for is something that helps keep them healthy and well. Hope may be intangible, but it certainly has tangible results. Hope helps people to feel better about themselves as well as those around them.

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