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The Importance of Your Ground

The Importance of Your Ground

Here in the UK it cannot be denied that we are living in interesting times. The Chinese have a proverb that it is a curse to live in interesting times. I think for many following the social upheaval of Brexit would agree with this sentiment. I am seeing more and more of my clients who are becoming very disturbed by the way things are happening with Brexit. These clients fall on both sides of the argument.

When things are chaotic, it is important for our mental health to have a “reality check” on our own grounding. We are influenced by outside events, that is a given, but how we handle these events is as much about how we feel in ourselves and our beliefs and values which influence our identity.

It is important to remember, that despite the chaos we as a people must not change who we as a people are. From a mental health perspective the Brexit situation is an existential crisis which is causing many to question everything. It is important to remember, if your personal ground is firm but flexible, you will be able to weather any situation no matter how it turns out. Believe in yourself, as in the end, you are the only person you can absolutely rely on in all circumstances.

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