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The Importance of Self Confidence

The Importance of Self Confidence

This morning I was reading an article interviewing Alexandra Burke titled Alexandra Burke: UK has ‘massive problem’ with confident women. The root of the piece is that the UK has an issue with condifent women. Whilst, of course, I am the last person to question the personal experience of others, I think the problem is actually the UK has an issue with confident people full stop.

I see clients every day who struggle with their self confidence and esteem. In my humble opinion self confidence is one of those things all humans should have a a birth right. Yet due to a myriad of circumstances people struggle with this. Part of the reason for this is that we as a society tend to criticise people with self confidence and equate it with arrogance. Can self confidence turn to arrogance, of course, but it does not have to. Being self confident does not require anyone to denigrate another person. Self confidence is being strong enough in yourself to disagree with another person, but to still show respect and humanity toward them.

If I could give a gift to my fellow country people it would be the gift of self confidence to all. With that, society would become a far nicer place to be a part of.

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